Thursday, January 31, 2008

Week 3: Tagging

Rashmi writes in the blog post A Social Analysis of Tagging (or how tagging transforms the solitary browsing experience into a social one)

"I strongly believe that all good social systems need to serve the individual motive. Tagging works because it strikes a balance between the individual and social. It serves the individual motive of remembering, and forms a ad-hoc social groups around it. If you are designing a tagging system you need to understand how it serves the individual and what sort of social formations it supports."

In order to profit from tagging, folksonomies, you need to understand the concept behind it and the reasons for doing it.

This is your place for asking questions or just speaking your mind on the topic of tagging. We'll all be here to discuss it with you.

The Blogging Team


Anonymous said...

I liked the point made in the Writingmatrix project video, that
tagging will motivate students to actually submit blog entries
because tagging will help them see how wide an audience they can
reach... I'm anxious to see this in action! A co-teacher started a
blog last year that sort of fell by the wayside due to lack of
student participation, so I'm interested to figure out how to make it

I don't actually have the hang of tagging yet... I found some of
links on Ms Duff's site to be more confusing than helpful... I guess
I have to move onto task #4 and just get on with it..


Lindsay said...

I'm also rather confused about blogging and tagging...Is tagging the same as labelling? And what is technorati? Do I need to handle this? I seem to be following loads of different links and I'm not sure which are useful.Maybe it's just because I'm behind with my work having spent a virtually abstinent week.

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