Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Welcome to Blogging for Educators!


webgina said...

Hello... Just checking out the site and getting the lay of the land... I love the "welcome" banner!

Mary H said...

Hi Gina!
Looks like you've gotten the hang of it! Glad you like the welcome banner. Ana Maria, a member of our Blogging Team, made the graphic to welcome everyone to our session!


Tales From Around The World said...

Ditto the thank you for the greetings -- and the awareness of -- I just made a sign for my Moodles!

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Hey, everyone.

Glad you liked the welcome sign. You can find many more in

Nina Lyulkun said...

Dear Ana Maria,
Welcome back! Missing you very much.
I also like this greeting very much.
It's a good tool to use for our blogs, websites, whatever...



Gabriela said...

Hi everybody! Although I still do not know how to this works, I take the plunge... I' eager to come in contact with people around the world, it seems they are just around the corner! Well, hope we are successful in our learning, too.

Mary H said...

Hi Vicky,
You will learn so much with a willingness to try new things! It is great to meet so many brave learners in this session, who are ready to keep clicking and interacting via our blog and other session tools.
Mary (Blogging Team)

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